ADManager Plus

Windows Active Directory and Microsoft Exchange - Web-based Management and Reporting!

ADManager Plus is a web-based, easy-to-understand, simple-to-use Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange Server management and reporting tool. With this software, AD administrators can delegate AD tasks to Helpdesk technicians, manage AD workflows and even automate AD tasks. This solution also functions as an efficient AD search tool. The icing on the cake is, administrators get to do all these with just mouse clicks, UI based actions.

ADManager Plus assists administrators in the following areas:

Active Directory Management Active Directory Management

Managing Active Directory becomes simple, effortless and quick from a cumbersome, time consuming task (when only the native AD tools like ADUC and scripts are used). Multi-step tasks like provisioning, re-provisioning of AD objects like Users, Groups, Contacts and Computers are turned into just single-step operations. With bulk management actions like Bulk User creation, bulk user modification, bulk group provisioning, etc. AD management is now just a child's play!


Active Directory Reporting Active Directory Reporting

ADManager Plus’s 150+ pre-built reports fetch critical, detailed data about all the areas of AD at just the click of a mouse. With multiple categories like AD user reports, logon reports, distribution list reports, compliance reports (SOX, HIPAA, PCI), etc. and a scheduler to generate, send the required reports to multiple users, this tool is the perfect answer to all AD reporting woes!!


Active Directory Workflow and Automation Active Directory Workflow and Automation

With AD workflow, administrators can define roadmaps for executing all AD tasks. The multi-level workflow enables administrators to set different levels like request, review, approve and execute, as per their requirement. Workflow streamlines the process of creation, evaluation and execution of all AD tasks. This helps administrators in ensuring compliance to the mandatory IT standards, easily.

Active Directory Automation:

With ‘Robo Requesters’, administrators can automate the process of request creation or execution for repetitive tasks, as per a pre-determined path. Administrators can also set review points which can be monitored by specific users or technicians. This makes this automation model, a completely controlled and safe one.


Active Directory Helpdesk Delegation Active Directory Helpdesk Delegation

Administrators are forced to spend most of their productive time in trivial, mundane tasks that do not require their level of expertise. ADManager Plus’s simple, easy-to-understand UI makes it possible for even the technically naive users to act like administrators. With role based delegation and OU based delegation, administrators can delegate management and reporting tasks to helpdesk technicians. This delegation ensures that technicians perform only the delegated ones, in only the assigned OUs. This delegation is completely secure!


Microsoft Exchange Management Microsoft Exchange Management

ADManager Plus helps administrators in managing their Exchange environments as well. The huge advantage here is, it possible to manage multiple versions of Exchange, viz. Exchange 2003, Exchange 2007, Exchange 2010, from a single console. This spares the administrators the hassle of toggling between multiple consoles and tools for every Exchange management or reporting task.

Exchange Management related tasks like creating user mailboxes, migrating mailboxes, re-provisioning user mailboxes, etc. can be done for multiple users, groups and contacts, at one go. Exchange specific tasks can even be delegated to helpdesk technicians, saving huge time and effort for the administrators.


Microsoft Exchange Reporting Microsoft Exchange Reporting

With out-of-the-box Exchange specific reports, ADManager Plus makes Exchange reporting an easy, effortless task. With these reports, administrators can now fetch detailed data about their Exchange environments, instantly. All these reports can also be automatically generated and sent to multiple email addresses in different formats like XLS, PDF, HTML, CSV, etc.


With such an extensive array of features in its armory for managing and reporting on Active Directory and Exchange environments, ADManager Plus has proved to be an able and trusted ally of administrators, globally, in organizations of all sizes and verticals!